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Artificial turf installation for playgrounds and schools

Thanks to our commercial and residential turf grass, kids can enjoy themselves playing in a safe environment that’s eco-friendly and cost-effective. Artificial turf allows the kids to play longer with more physical activity, which is very important for child’s proper growth and development. Not to mention that playtime is one of the essential childhood aspects that affects mental development considerably as well.

A safer playground solution

When you opt for artificial turf installation, you can be sure that you’re doing everything in your power to provide the kids with the safest playground setting possible. After all, right next to the playsets and toys, the play surface itself has to be safe for children. As you’re probably already aware, the biggest reason for concern when it comes to playground injuries are falls on hard and abrasive surfaces. Precisely because of that, Cal Art Turf provides soft artificial grass which has been specifically developed with children’s safety in mind.

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Cal Art Turf artificial grass benefits

Thanks to the density and smoothness of our artificial grass, falls and hits won’t hurt the kids. This makes Cal Art Turf artificial grass the perfect choice for both commercial

Aside from the good quality of the fibers and their density, artificial turf is very soft and feels very pleasant to the touch.

Given the high resistance to humidity of our artificial turf, Cal Art Turf artificial grass is 100% antibacterial. Most importantly, there won’t be any mosquitos and other insects to worry about after artificial turf installation.

This type of turf is very durable. Kids will be able to play as much as they want – artificial turf is made for continuous use. The turf itself has a great recovery capacity, which means that it will keep a realistic grass appearance for a long time.

Artificial turf for playgrounds is made of polyethylene, so it doesn’t host worms or insects. It’s more hygienic than natural grass or even a carpet, as it’s also very easy to clean with a brush and a little water, so there’s no need to worry about the stains, odor or harsh chemicals usually found in grass treatments. In addition, it prevents the appearance of bacteria, mites, mold and mildew, so it won’t be harmful to kids’ health in any way.

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