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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the life expectancy of artificial grass?

Our highest quality, durable, realistically looking turf comes with the best warranties in the industry. We offer 15-year manufacturer warranty on all products, with the life expectancy of 30 years under regular use.

Is the sun harmful to artificial grass, will it fade?

We have found that new energy-efficient windows can cause magnified reflections that may cause synthetic turf to melt, if the said turf is in the direct path of that reflection. The magnified reflection from some energy-efficient windows is so powerful that it can melt sprinkler heads, kiddie pools, and other plastics. If you do have energy-efficient windows, call the manufacturer and ask them how to remedy this problem. Tinting the windows is usually sufficient.

Is artificial grass warmer than natural grass?

Yes, synthetic grass is hotter than natural grass; it just doesn’t have the same natural cooling capacity. There are always trade-offs for the benefits, which include no mowing, no watering, and no weeding.

How does artificial grass stay in place once it is installed?

During the artificial turf installation, infill material (usually sand) is brushed into the top of the grass that adds to the weight of the installed grass. Additionally, the edges are pinned down with our 6″ non-corrosive spikes which are spaced approximately 3′ apart.

How does artificial grass affect the environment?

Artificial grass is environmentally friendly: it eliminates the need for water. It also eliminates the need for harmful chemicals that seep into the soil (fertilizers, pesticides, weed killers, etc.).

Is artificial grass pet-friendly?

Dogs love our grass; they think it’s real! Dog urine is not a problem as it flushes through the turf’s drainage holes and drainage system when hosed off or when it rains. Solid waste is cleaned in the same manner as with the natural grass. We can also use a natural deodorizer ( zeolite) on the grass once it is installed.

What type of maintenance is necessary?

Debris like leaves and twigs can be easily removed with a leaf blower.

What about drainage?

Drainage process is very similar to natural grass. Artificial grass has perforations in the backing that allow water to drain into the base material.

What forms of payments are accepted?

We accept cash, checks and most major credit cards.

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