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Premium artificial grass for pets

Pets are members of your family and as such deserve the best possible conditions that will allow them to be happy and healthy. In that respect, choosing Cal Art Turf artificial grass for dogs, cats and other pet animals will definitely make your pets’ lives more enjoyable and comfortable. What’s more, you can make the most out of artificial turf for pets when it comes to both indoor and outdoor use. With artificial turf installation, you can say goodbye to cuts and aggravated paws due to the abrasive surfaces such as cement or gravel. Also, aging pets will appreciate the softness of artificial grass as this surface is beneficial for proper joint support. Of course, it’s very soft and won’t cause any discomfort to the animal.

The best artificial grass for dogs and pets

Cal Art Turf offers the perfect solution to all of the pet owners who worry about the health and comfort of their pets. Most importantly, artificial grass is perfectly sanitary when it comes to the pets’ need to relieve themselves. Not only is this an effective solution for outdoor pet areas, but artificial turf, in this case, can be used for indoor purposes when the pet has to spend time inside for whatever reason, as well as an effective surface solution for long trips.

The fibers are made of the polyethylene, which is anti-allergic and non-toxic, so your pets won’t experience the itching problem in this regard.

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Top benefits

Your lawn will always look beautiful, not just thanks to its lush green color but the fact that your pets won’t be able to dig holes and destroy the grass. Artificial grass means no mess or patchiness. Not to mention that you won’t ever have to worry again about the muddy paws inside your home. As the cleanliness of your pets increases, you won’t have to worry about the issue of odor that much either.

Artificial grass for dogs of all sizes

Cal Art Turf artificial grass for dogs comes to your yard’s rescue! Regardless of the size of your dog, our artificial turf will withstand all the wear and tear from your active pet pal. If you’re tired of seeing your yard destroyed from all the digging and running, this is definitely the best option for you. With no mud to worry about, your yard will always look presentable, just like your home, while your pets, and especially dogs will remain happy and energetic.

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