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Artificial grass for the gorgeous natural-like look

Artificial turf installation will change your gardening game forever. Not only will you enjoy a gorgeously green lawn throughout the year, but you’ll do that with very little maintenance necessary! Cal Art Turf is here to give you the garden and lawn that you’ve always dreamed about. Our artificial turf looks like a real deal and feels even better! While you’ll find the artificial grass visually pleasing and relaxing thanks to its lushness and realistic coloring, you’ll also enjoy its softness that makes the whole experience even more enjoyable, pleasant and fulfilling than the actual real grass.

The combination of fibers of different shades of green and brown gives our artificial turf a unique and realistic appearance, which makes it difficult to distinguish from the natural one. Thanks to the materials that make up the fibers, your lawns and gardens won’t be slippery when wet.

Homes and Gardens

Artificial garden grass saves water and money

Some of the most important benefits that artificial turf installation will provide you with are low maintenance and the ease of cleaning. Just a little bit of water and a brush are more than enough, while a leaf blower will quickly take care of the rest. Therefore, you can expect to save nearly 100,000 gallons of water annually (1,800 square foot), which also means saving a lot of money and doing your bit for the environment.

Artificial grass for gardens and lawns is weatherproof, which means that it should remain beautiful and realistic for around 20 years. It resists wear, sudden temperature changes, chlorine and UV rays (when there’s no direct reflection from energy-efficient windows).

Thanks to the quality and high density of the fibers, the recovery capacity of our artificial turf is very high. It’s possible to place heavy objects on the turf, such as garden furniture, inflatable pools, doghouses, etc. as there will be no marks left.

Homes and Gardens

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